26th & Main: Ginger Beer Den

So it seems the convenience store at Main and 26th is quietly trying to corner the market on non-alcoholic ginger beers. Truly impressive selection there. This may be the first of a series of reviews on their stock. The first one I opened was Bundaberg of Australia. Nice stubby bottle, with a pull ring cap. Big points for packaging. However, the content was only ok. Good ginger flavour but more sweet than spicey. 

The next one — which looks to be called Bottoms Up by the ‘ginger people’ is an unfiltered ginger beer. The flavour far more complex and the finish has just enough heat to remind you this is ginger beer you’re drinking.  Lingering and refreshing. 

Border-line: Torta from Seafood Las Queras

Torta de Birria from San Ysidro food truck Seafood Las Queras

Salvaged an otherwise unsuccessful trip to outlet mall in San Ysidro with a tasty birria torta. I hadn’t tasted it before, but birria is a kind of stewed, pulled beef. The fluffy, chewy bun was buttered and toasted on the griddle. Inside was a slice of tomato, lettuce and mashed avocado. Had to eat if fast because the bun began to dissolve in meat juice. $8 with a can of Coke. Overall 2.5/4 ⭐️